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If you start experiencing RSI symptoms, don't wait. Run, don't walk to a doctor who has experience in treating RSIs. It's always easier to prevent than to treat. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. Don't wait until it becomes crippling before taking time off. Learn from my experience.

Learn by Reading.

Get a copy of Repetitive Strain Injury by Emil Pascarelli, Deborah Quilter. This has been recognized as one of the leading books on computer related RSIs.

Give yourself a break!

Take breaks often. It had been recommended that one takes a five minue break every half hour. You might want to ice down, then stretch.  Give time for the tissues to flush out the toxins that are a by product of working.

I had a neuromuscular therapist recommend The Whartons' Stretch Book. I found several stretches in the book to help.


Take Control

Knowing what is going on and how to handle your workers compensation claim does help keep your sanity and your financial survival. Take Charge of Your Workers Compensation Claim, by Attorney Christopher Ball, is a highly recommended book It is reported by that many judges and  workers compensation adjusters keep a copy of this book on their desks. Note: This book is for California claims as workers compensation laws are very state specific.


The Icing Chest

When I was at IBM, I did not have access to or space for a refrigerator, so I had to to innovate. When getting neuromuscular therapy, the therapist suggested using a wallpaper tray with ice and water in it. This was so that I could ice my entire arm at one time instead of having to repeatedly applying ice packs. 

I bought an electric cooler, the type that works in the car, and placed a dishpan full of water in it. This keeps water at about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows me to ice my arm frequently and not have to worry about getting ice.


Acupuncture in Boston

While living in Massachusetts, I received continuing treatment from Yongshu Chen. She studied under Dr. Zhao Xin Mei, the same doctor that I was treated by in China. Ms. Chen worked at the same hospital in China that I was treated at. Ms. Chen is an associate professor at the New England School of Acupuncture and regularly consults at the New England Medical Center.  If you need acupuncture, I highly recommend her. You may contact  her at her Newton, MA office at (617) 964-4461.



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